How to join investment pool


Step 1:

Look at Listed Coins. Choose any coin listed in our service to get instant passive income and join our Discord

Step 2:

Get personal deposit address. Type !deposit coin (sin, axs, gbx, etc.) in #help_bot channel or directly to @HelpBot in our Discord. If you are not registered in our system, bot will register you first.

Step 3:

Send coins to you private deposit address.

Step 4:

Get instant passive income from your share. All our pools are instant. You can invest any amount and get instant rewards with ROI of masternode.

Step 5:

Control your masternode portfolio with personal investment dashboard. Type !help in #help_bot channel or directly to @HelpBot in our Discord to get link to your personal dashboard.



About us:

Our community has grown out of Discord, so to get support you need to have a Discord account and join our server. We will provide more wide support soon.